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Why it is worth do work with us ?

Over 20 years of work in supporting business processes around printing environment and IT solutions.

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Thank you for your interest in the company Ediko profile. We have built a nationwide printing service network and dedicated IT solutions aimed at the whole world. We have the ambition to be the best team of people specialized in MPS and MCS solutions, and around this subject to develop our skills. If you are looking for proven products, or you seek to expand your business, we are interested in cooperation in the areas about which we write above.

Key business benefits .

We focus on applying solutions to real needs. We have tools that not only optimize costs, but affect the application of the best practices available in the market.

Flexible workplace solutions

Streamline, automate and mobilize business processes to enhance productivity.

Print Audit Methods

We created our own methodology of print audit that support multivendor environment.


Protect your sensitive data and defend your network with the powerful dedicated tools.

We are trying to expand by implementing and exploring business concepts of content management. By going forward, step by step, we are complementing our service portfolio.



Manage Print Services as a core Ediko's skill.



Manage Content Services as natural transition for business.



Software as a Solutions - the powerful of IT & Innovation.



are our inspirations for business managing and service providing.

Partners and Partnership .

We are proudly presenting our partners brands, thanks to which we achieve hardest goals. We believe that business is the most important cooperation, because regardless of whether a customer or strategic partner, we care about trust and guarantee satisfaction of both parties.

Cooperarion. Contact

Please be welcome to contact us in case of business cooperation. We

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